About Me!

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! If you are new around here 💕My name is Hannah, I married my best friend at the ripe age of 19 😆 We became friends when I was around 7- 8 years old! I am a mom to five awesome kids, Noah (12), Sara (11), Jonah (8), Luke (6) & Kai (3).

I love traveling, like really really love, we would love to travel full time but for now we need to be stationary. One day though!

I love coffee more than I should ☕️❤️ It’s justified because I don’t drink any soda or any other fun daily drinks (they give me migraines)

I spent most of my life insanely insecure, to the point that I was miserable everyday, I hated everything about who I was, I didn’t talk to hardly anyone because I was too afraid of saying the wrong thing. But then about 7 years ago I started dealing with those insecurities, I began to find out who I am meant to be, I began finding my voice, I realized that my life could be so different if I just let go of fear. So I made a choice to always try to do the thing that scares me the most, to constantly push myself out of my comfort zone.

Ballua has been one of those choices, it is something I always dreamed of but also made me very uncomfortable. I have never been a photogenic person, never talked on camera, never put myself out there in such a vulnerable position. I was so afraid to start because I didn’t want to people to see me fail.

But you know what?! No matter how Ballua goes over the coming years it’s not a fail at all!! It has been one of the best things for me! I am so thankful for how much I have overcome, I am so thankful that I can now do things that once paralyzed me! And I am so incredibly thankful for all of your support 💕

So I am here to tell you, go after your fears! Push yourself outside of those comfort zones! It’s so worth it!! It will only feel scary for a minute and then you’ll realize you should have done it so long ago!If there is anything else you want to know about me after reading this book of an intro 🤣🤣 let me know!

Also! If you ever have any questions on sizing, fit, styling, or anything else you can email me at contact@ballua.com or send me a DM on instagram @ballua.co